We bareboat charter an average of 65 sailboats per sailing season, ranging in size from 32 ft. to 51 ft. They are crewed by 5 to 8 club members. Our cruising areas are the Chesapeake Bay, Long Island Sound, the coast of New England, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and trips that extend to the Caribbean,Tahiti, the Mediterranean, Thailand, the Pacific Northwest, Greece, Australia and other exotic destinations. We also organize small boat sailing in members' boats (our Seahorse Fleet). We organize and conduct instructional sailing activities.
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The Philadelphia Sailing Club is a non-profit organization founded by sailors in 1979. Our mission is to promote activities for those who like to sail. Presently we number around 300. Our members, age 21 and over, are from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions. We welcome all levels of sailing skills from beginners to experts. We meet each month except December, at The Cynwyd Club in Bala Cynwyd. Join us next month and meet our crew.
The next PSC General Meeting is on Wed., August 19, 2015 at 8:00 PM, at the Cynwyd Club.
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PSC is a self-managed organization- get involved in trip planning or execution or help plan social events.
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